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ZWIZ Clients’ Privileges

Depa Mini Transformation Voucher
Depa Mini Transformation Voucher
project grants up to 9,998 baht
(Equivalent to a 2 Year annual package until the funds are exhausted)
Try the ZAVIAGO website FREE!
For 2 months
(Today - 31 December)
Get 30% discount on Package Advertise by the expert
Facebook Ads / Google AdWords / GDN / LINE ADS platform
(Today-31 December 2023)
Receive a discount on parcel delivery worth 50 baht.
(Available for all shipments in the SHIPPOP.)
Get 3,000 baht discount for Marketing Mini-Packages
which included with fanpage decoration + Facebook advertisement for 3 months and 1 piece free artwork design.
(Today-31 December 2023)
Get exclusive discounts with advertising strategy created by experts.
Covering various types of media such as SEO / Google Ads / Facebook / YouTube / TikTok / LINE Ads Platform.
(Today-31 December 2023)
for 2 months
The online accounting program, which simplifies accounting, finance and tax. Helps you understand your business performance, manage documents systematically, and increase access to credit.
Only customers who first use PEAK
(Today-31 March 2023)
get 10% discount
for all yearly packages
Create a ready-made website with online store management and systematic order management. Including sales via website, social media, and marketplace.
(Today-31 March 2023)
Buy an E-Voucher from
SCG EXPRESS worth 3,500 baht
For only 3,000 baht
For normal parcel, chilled & frozen parcel, and COD cost
(Today-31 December 2023)

Partner Privileges

ZAVIAGO customers
Try ZWIZ.AI for 15 days and receive a 10% discount on all packages.
Maz Maker
Maz Maker customers
Try ZWIZ.AI for 15 days and receive a 10% discount on all packages.
PEAK customers
Get FREE! 1 month Advanced Packagefrom ZWIZ.AI
Only customers who first use ZWIZ.AI
1 person for 1 right.
(Today-31 March 2023)
Ketshopweb Customers
Get FREE! 1 month Advanced Package from ZWIZ.AI
Only customers who first use ZWIZ.AI
1 person for 1 right.
(Today-31 December 2023)
LINE Shopping
LINE Shopping Customers
Get Free! 1 month Advanced Package from ZWIZ.AI
(from normal price at 1,200 baht)
Only for new customers or customers who upgrade to Advanced Packages only.
(Today-30 June 2023)
Exchange SCG Express Club 4,000 points
Get free! 1 month Advanced Package form ZWIZ.AI
Only customers who first use ZWIZ.AI
(Today-30 April 2023)
KBANK Customers
Get Free! 1 month Advanced Package from ZWIZ.AI
(from normal price at 1,200 baht)
And get 10% discount for upgrade package
Only customers who first use ZWIZ.AI
1 person for 1 right.
(Today-30 April 2023)

Partnership special features

ZWIZ x GB Prime Payment, support all of payment methods.
GB Prime supports all online payments via credit card, debit card and QR Code from customers directly. No payment slips required. Guaranteed with credible billing system, makes transactions for you and your customers more convenient in all of payment channels.
ZWIZ x Facebook Pay, free of charge direct from your Messenger.
Facebook's Mobile Banking system helps you close sales from Messenger easily. Eliminate the fake slips problem with free of charge, suitable for all business levels.
ZWIZ x SHIPPOP makes the shipping connected seamlessly.
One Stop Delivery Solution with shipping price comparison service, ready to ship as soon as the order is placed. You can also print the parcel cover sheet from the system. Including sending tracking numbers to customers automatically when the delivery is completed. It makes things easier than ever to stay in control of your costs in advance.
ZWIZ x Akita shipment specialist, no worries in every order
One-stop warehouse service, easy to use with storing, packing and delivering. You can manage the delivery time as needed from multiple delivery methods. Support both domestic and international with shipments warranty. No worries about lost or damaged.
ZWIZ x PACKHAI Easy stock management in one place.
Packhai's Fullfillment system provide stock management in multiple platforms via ZWIZ.AI Shop Service, Shopee, Lazada, etc. Allowing you to manage stocks precisely, and also helps sending tracking numbers to customers automatically after delivery.
ZWIZ x SOKOCHAN, professional warehouse service suitable for both B2C and B2B.
Warehouse system for E-Commerce businesses of all levels. Supports various API connections. Makes it easy to control your warehouse together with packing and delivering services as effective price.
ZWIZ x Chatday daily manage chats on your website
Connect ZWIZ.AI chatbot on your website in few steps with the R-CRM service. Manage your sales team and keep tracking for your customers, reduce admin errors and you can also view reports through the dashboard, never miss any step of your business.
ZWIZ x Ketshop Create Ready-to-use website fulfill your online sales funnels
One-stop online merchandising platform. Support selling via Chat, Social Media and Marketplace. Grow your business through a ready-made website that you can design. Connect the shipping methods with special service fees.
ZWIZ x ZORT All- in-one stock management system
Order and stock management system by ZORT makes you complete all connections to various Marketplace platforms. Manage your orders in more systematic way, saving time and budget. Control order management like a pro, both online and offline channels in one place.