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Respond to your customers 24/7

Automatically respond to your customer inquiries in real-time 24/7 (can be customized with no limitation) and it can also work with page admin.

Sales and Inventory Management

Display your products and lead to sales in chat. It also connected with Inventory and Order Management.

Order and Payment via Chat

Your customers can order and pay directly through AI Chatbot. It help summarize your order, payment and also support delivery to customers.

Enterprise Chatbot

A tailor-made , enterprise-grade AI Chatbot that come with Analytics Tools and Machine Learning.

A tailor-made , enterprise-grade AI Chatbot that come with Analytics Tools and Machine Learning. It can be fully integrate with enterprise internal/external system and multiple IM Channels (eg. LINE, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Webchat, etc. )

Major Group screenshot
Major Group logo

Major Group

AI Chatbot for Major Group help support ticket reservation and notify new movies and interesting promotions to customers. It can work together with page admin on Facebook. (handover to human if needed)

Oishi BotoNeko screenshot
Oishi BotoNeko logo

Oishi BotoNeko

BotoNeko, AI Chatbot for Oishi Campaign. It help promote and answer questions regarding Oishi Campaigns/Promotions. It also works with page admin on Facebook. (handover to human if needed)

Tuinui Bot screenshot
Tuinui Bot logo

Tuinui Bot

Tuinui, a personal fitness assistant which help answer nutrition info(calories) of foods and also help people to calculate BMI, BMR to keep fit and healthy. Tuinui is available on Facebook, LINE and Twitter.

JS100 Radio screenshot
JS100 Radio logo

JS100 Radio

JS100 Radio(จส.100) is a Chatbot that help report traffic and other problems. People can check traffic/accident in Bangkok anytime by asking JS100 Radio Bot.

Jubjai Bot screenshot
Jubjai Bot logo

Jubjai Bot

จับใจบอท เพื่อนคุยแสนอบอุ่น ช่วยคัดกรองผู้มีแนวโน้มโรคซึมเศร้า โดยทีม ZWIZ.AI ได้ร่วมพัฒนาplatform chatbot ร่วมกับทีม Jubjai

Papang Deksiam screenshot
Papang Deksiam logo

Papang Deksiam

Papang Deksiam is a demo chatbot for places/events. It help answer questions about stores in Siam Square,Bangkok. It can be extended to any shopping malls or events.

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Zwiz.AI is selected to join dtac accelerate, No.1 startup accelerator house in Thailand. We are one of 11 teams in batch 6. dtac accelerate

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